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Buffer: Oleo

Currently, allocating buffer for crane, all removable device, the terminal collision point of industry production line is the essential safety device. The demand of buffer selection and design calculation is increasing, our company technology core is modern product design, theoretical basis is professional calculation and selection, to make customer totally trust.

Structure diagram of hydraulic buffer Main application as below:

Buffering, impact force from the collision between crane and railway rear e
Buffering, impact force from the collision between cranes.
Buffering, impact wall when the products from production line come out.
Buffering, coupler
Buffering, transportation bumping block.

Oleo buffer

Modern crane buffer is requirde to adapt to kinds collision, no damage to crane or buffer , no influence or damage on lifted thing.

The dead weight of crane cart is toheavy, and generates much kinetic energy when colliding. Having a precedent to go by, the whole quay crane was fell off the sea by typhoon, crane trollytravels fast and generates much kinetic energy when colliding. For the traditional rubber buffer elastic deformation is small and absorbs finite kinetic energy, there still have much impact force when collision, and domestic normal spring buffer will generates much rebounding force when device collision. Those two buffers cannot meet the safety design of crane. For the large equipment, especially crane, yard bridge, quay crane, the vendor is more and more widely accepted Oleo(Illino style) hydraulic buffer. Under the same buffer travels and max collision, Oleo buffer absorbs double kinetic energy and volume is much smaller, buffering effect better.

Oleo (Illino Style) feature is gas and oil structure, the buffer reset by condensed nitrogen air pressure. The anti-corrosion is special Kelifeng coating treatment.

Using the nitrogen as reset device is no need to maintain, like the damping device of automobile, it will not break off for excessing fatigue strength like robotistic spring. Under general condition, the buffer could service ten years at least, no need to maintain and lubricate. With the Oleo buffer, crane collides the buffer in high speed or slow speed, its travel will be full using. Oleo technology specification is supplying menu buffer selection for customer, especially meeting the requirement of anti-corrosion and salt atmosphere condition.

Oleo (Illino style)hydraulic buffer the other advantage: when the crane trolley dash on the buffer for strong wind, the energy generating by colliding excess the buffer design energy , the buffer still could protect the crane in some degreealthough buffer maybe damaged.