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Construction process

  • 1.Construction process

    When construction, we reserve casing pipe installing hole according to drawing, the hole size is specified by bolt specification or technical requirement.

  • 2.Clean hole completely

    Clean the impurity in the hole by hairbrush, ensure no ash, impurity, waterlogging in the hole.

  • 3.Filling grout

    Filling grout from hole bottom to hole depth 2/3.

  • 4.Screwing casing pipe and casing bolt

    According to drawing required size, screw casing bolt and blot by hand slowly and continually, ensure the pipe vertical.

  • 5.solidification

    During the solidification after pipe screwing, disturbance is forbidden.

  • 6.After casing pipe solidification

    Install pre-imbedded plate , fill the grout, then install the rest parts on the foundation.

Technical and installation parameter

1. Bearing and installation

Anti-drawing force:69.1kN
Anti-shearing force:77.7kN
Anchoring depth:200mm
Minimum spacing :105mm
Minimum edge distance:105mm

2. Drilling method

Be convenient for construction, reserve square hole 42mm x 42mm

3. Installation and solidifying time

temperature℃ Installation time min solidifying time min
5 60 300
10 50 260
20 30 200
30 20 180
150 5 150

technical index

Product performance

NO Inspection item Standard index (A grade colloid) Inspection Value Single judge
1 Colloid capability Shearing strength Standard value of Steel-steel stretching ≥15MPa 15.3MPa Qualified
Steel-steel nonuniform pulling strength ≥16N/m 17.1kN/m Qualified
Elongation ≥1.3% 1.40% Qualified
tensile strength of steel-steel cementation ≥33MPa 34.2MPa Qualified
With concrete positive bonding strength And concrete inner coherence is breaking concrete inner coherence is breaking Qualified
2 Cementation capability Extension strength ≥30MPa 32.5MPa Qualified
Tension elasticity modulus ≥4000MPa 4886MPa Qualified
Elongation ≥1.3% 1.40% Qualified
Bending strength ≥45MPa,No brittleness(cracking) breaking 52.9MPaNo brittleness breaking Qualified

ILLINO-A4 modified epoxy resin glue

ILLINO-A4 modified epoxy resin is structural adhesive which is mainly made of epoxy resin. Though mass practice and long-term research, the modified high performance construction structural adhesive is completely reach all index of GB50367-2006{concrete reinforcing design specification} A grade glue.

3 Non-volatile matter content(solid content) ≥99% 99.4% Qualified
4 Hygrothermal aging (90 days)steel-steel shearing strength Strength reduction≤10% Strength reduction.96% Qualified

Application range

1)It is suitable for building reinforcement and consolidation, for example, because of concrete grade notmeeting design requirement, load-bearing bar and associate parts become deficiency. Due to accidental means like natural disaster, structure loading capacities reduce or deform largely. Harmful medium invades and makes concrete fall off largely, heavily corrosion and section reducing cause structure cannot normal work. The building function changing, origin structure needs to improve loading capacity. For the wrong design, the structure needs reinforce. The building aged, the furniture needs add on load-carrying parts. The loading capacity cannot meet design requirement.
2)It is available for workpieceanchoring (rebar rooting) and working fastening, other materials bonding when construct on site.
3)It could apply to building cracking repair. Waterproof and plugging, sealing, anti-corrosion, and ancient buildings repair.
4)Other hard material or different material, breaking material repair, like the bonding of fiberglass, ceramic, rigid plastics, iron.

Anti-remains capacity: after cementation, it have well anti-chemical and anti-aging property for water, oil HC, waste water.