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Form of flexible rail fasten system

Illino could supply the best flexible rail fasten system and relevant installing service for customer, it covers all imported or exported steel rail and matched rail pressing plate, rail rubber sub-plate, embedded base plate, dedicated grout, rail welding, ect.

Flexible rail fasten systemdivides into twocategories

Illinoflexible rail fasten systemdivides into two categories: Non-continuousflexible rail fasten system, continuousflexible rail fasten system

According to pressing plate fasten form, it dividestwo categories:

According to pressing plate fasten form, it dividestwo categories: welded and bolted

Characters of Illinois flexible rail fastening system

Steel sub plate works with rubber plate which is laid between railway and steel sub plate. Pressure can be distributed uniformly. It is able to keep foundation from the effect of “hydraulic pressure”.
Grout 30~50mm cement materials between concrete and steel sub plate so as to protect concrete foundation. ILLNO railway dedicated grouting cement material with good fluidity is adopted. It is convenient for site construction. With strongadhesive property, good anti-corrosion property, impact resistance property and anti-seismic property, the dimension is stable after solidification without any phenomenon of shrinking.
Anchor bolt and pressing plate bolt are separated by railway fastening system. Side forces which come from lifting equipment distributed uniformly on each anchor bolt to prevent any damage of concrete foundation.
Rubber plate is paved between steel sub plate and railway. Steel strap is set inside the rubber plate so that the rigidity, hardness and elasticity are much better normal sub plate. Elastic foundation is formed by application of the rubber plate which is paved on steel plate and pressing plate with rubber nose. It can eliminate the phenomenon of point contact between railway and steel sub plate under the wheel of lifting equipment. Intensity pressure can be reduced by 20%-40%. Rubber plate possesses the character ofanti-extrusion and grease resistance. Service life is upto more than 10years.
Dedicated pressing plate is adopted for railway flexible fastening system. The feature of this kind of pressing plate: a. “Steel to steel” fix the railway on side direction; b.”soft overcome hardness ”fix the railway by elastic force n vertical direction. Pressing plate is able to be adjusted on side direction, which make the installation work much more convenient and ensure the pressing plate fix the railway on side direction by “steel to steel”. Traditional railway pressing plate cannot be adjusted on side direction. It cannotguarantee the contact between pressing plate and railway reliably. High strength rubber nose is able to compress the railway by elasticity and absorbing “arch wave force”. Rubber nose presents the form of compression when pressing plate compresses the railway. The compression height can be controlled about 20%-40% of rubber nose’s height. Hence the compression force which comes from pressing plate acting on railway is under control but without restraint.