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High bearing capacity and flexible Ganty rail fasten system

High bearing capacity and flexible Ganty rail fasten system is Illinoi’s patent product, it specifics to high speed and heavy load feature of wharf and container yard. The system consist of upper press plate and rail corner shim plate, to fix rail flexibly in lateral direction and upright direction in order to reduce longitudinal binding force, release the giant impact force from side direction which result from gnawing rail during high speed running. At the same time, taking thermal expansion and contraction into consideration which affected by thermal difference, ensure steel rail could restore when the movement occurred. To keep the rail distance stable after long service time. Assemble rubber backing plate and rail base plate to form tridimensional flexible vibration-reduction system. Meanwhile, release the stress concentration between steel rail and base plate in system. The equipment is able to smooth running utmost. Provide reliable guarantee to high speed and heavy load rail equipment, to keep the equipment running better and more stable.

System main performance

Advantages of this plan

System main performance:
Resistance of side force:>540kN
Adjustable distance on lateral direction:70mm
Maximum adjustable height:150mm

1. Safe and reliable: base made through overall casting, increase resistance to side force; enhance the whole strength of fasteners.
2. Side direction adjustment: large range of adjustment; lateral movement will not happen due to self-locked slot.
3. Vertical adjustment: when local settlement appeared, it is easy to adjust; with the aid of Illinotool, make the work more convenient and efficient.

Locked plate


Locked plate: it is inblock cast, its jagged junction surface matched with sawtooth of base long hole, passing the yawing force bearing by rail to casing bolt ,then to the base.

Base is one of the most important parts which pass the acting force to foundation. Along with base plate underneath the rail, through indentation, counter bore, step and shoulder etc., pass the acting force to base; By the saw tooth connection with locking plate, ultimately pass the acting force to casing bolts and foundation. The bases adopt overall casting form which made assembling work easy. The holes which connect to casing bolts are long holes, it is convenient for side direction adjustment.

  • upper pressing plate
  • Pre-embedded plate
  • sub-plate under rail
  • rail corner sub-plate
  • heightadjustable sub-plate
  • heightadjustable sub-plateunder rail
  • Upper pressing plate Upper pressing plate is the key part in the system which passes the upright force from rail and side force directly, and fixes the rail on both directions. Main body of pressing plate adopts casting process. At the contacting edge with rail, it applies vulcanized rubber which could fix the rail on both lateral and upright direction flexibly. And the material feature of pressing plate is vibration reduction and corrosion resistance. The area where the pressing plate contacts the rail is much bigger than the traditional pressing plate. It could fix the rail better.

  • Pre-imbedded plate is the boundary surface between equipment and foundation. It bears acting force and partial side force of upright direction from whole equipment. At the same time, pass all this acting force to foundation. Therefore the performances of pre-imbedded plate act a key role to the entire system. Characteristic of pre-imbedded plate with different material indicated as right picture.

  • Sub-plate under rail is the key part during this system which passes the acting force from rail to base. Main material is high molecular with high bearing load capacity. It could erase concentrate stress between steel rail and base. It could protect steel rail, base plate and foundation prolonging service time of entire rail system.According to different working condition and application field, material base plate is quite different correspondingly. In term of thermal condition, sub-plate under rail can be classified as: R P (normal temperature type 5-100℃) RPF(high temperature resistance 5-200℃ ) RPI(low temperature resistance -50℃-100℃) In terms of bearing capacity, base plate can be classified as R(light load) P(heavy load) PR(composite type)

  • Rail corner sub-plate is between pressing plate and steel rail which adopt high molecular material. The inner arc of corner backing plate laying on the surface of rail; the outer arc is laminated on vulcanized rubber of pressing plate. When pressing plate fix well, through corner backing plate constrain degree of freedom from both side direction and upright direction; release longitudinal degree of freedom. When heat expansion and cold contraction occurred on rail, longitudinal deformation could be released. The rail breaking threat could be avoided.

  • Height adjustable sub-plate (for settlement project) Height adjustable sub-plate for base(settlement≤10mm) Material: high molecular material. specification:1mm,2mm ,3mm ,4mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm etc.. According to the height of settlement, it could be adjusted by selecting most propitiate specification. It could be raised 100mm maximum. Note: we suggest maximum layers be better less than 3. If it is applicable, refer to the first method on page NO.3

  • Height adjustable sub- plate(100mm<settlement≤150mm) Material: high molecular material Specification: 25mm When height of settlement more than 100mm,the plan is supposed to choose according to actual settlement height. If the settlement height is within 125mm, a 25mm-adjustable platemaybe inserted underneath base plate.(refer to second method on page 3). The rest settlement can be compensating by height adjustable base plate. If the settlement range from125mm to 150mm, two height adjustable base plate should be put under base plate, total 50mm.(refer to 2method on page NO.3). The rest can be adjusted by height adjustable sub-plate.

Surface anti-corrosion treatment

Except high molecular material and rubber material, the rest metal parts are conducted by surface treat. Based on different condition on site and environment feature, zinc plated and dacromet coating can be selected. 1. zinc plated: it refers to a surface treatment that a coating on metal or alloy which could make it beautiful and rust proof, it can be divided into two types: hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. cold galvanizing refers to electroplating. The advantage are uniform layer, beautiful appearance, low cost, anti-corrosion with technology maturity; disadvantage is that it is not appropriate to use under high temperature condition. eg: temperature less than 120℃ hot galvanizing refers to hot-dip galvanizing. Advantages: with thick coating layer, strong adhesive, not easy to fall off, strong anti-corrosion property; disadvantage: coating is nonuniform. 2. Dacromet: it is a new type surface treatment technology: advantages:1)super strong anticorrosion propery; 2) no hydrogen brittleness; 3)high heat resistance; 4) good recoating property; 5)good permeability disadvantage:1) high energy consumption; 2) not enough surface hardness; bad wear resistance property.