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Cable protection system

IllinoPanzerbelt is aimed at protecting the cablecasting on ground of port or wharf power supply system from the damage of wharf traffic and other situation.;
Panzerbelt cable protection system could make the cable no permanent deformation though vehicle passing all year around on the wharf, and prevent remains into the cable channel. It is the premier protection and service-free.;
Panzerbelt is a cable protection system that incorporates a continuous semi-flexible belt fabricated from rubber with inlaid steel reinforcement, which lies over a channel cast in the quay. The belt is riveted to the quay surface along one edge, while the other remains free to be raised by a cable guide and belt-lifting device fitted to the crane. Steel reinforcement has been incorporated to retain directional strength and flexibility of the belt. The cable n the channel could be protective from wharf traffic and remains. Any traditional slide wire power supply or cable drum scheme could be easily refitted to this system.

advantage of cable protection system.

Guarantee safe running comprehensively.
low installation cost
full cable protection
maintenance free
without loading limitation
water in the slot draining freely.
operating in all- weather condition
no speed limit for crane
no alignment problem
it is able to apply to any current system’s improvement.

main components of cable protection system.

stainless steel rivet
prefabricated pressing bar
steel core reinforcement rubber plate
cable duct

technical specification

The most striking feature of Panzerbelt system is cover plate. The production process of Panzerbelt has been through so many years ‘experienceand practice which is able to fit bad working condition. It should not only have transverse rigid which can ensure vehicle running but also provide enough longitudinal elasticity so that the cover plate can be lifted.The anti-abrasive character can reduce the cost of maintenance. Cover plate can fit the environment of costal yard and possessing the feature of anti-corrosion.

Two series of Panzerbelt cable protection system which have passed strict test and practical usage can be selected.

environment temperature -30℃-+80℃
opening angle max.90°
service life >250000 circle(open/close)
leveling bending radius fixing pressing bar located outside:Min.30m
fixing pressing bar located inside:Min.70m
Max.bearing capacity The Max. bearing load acted on Panzerbelt within 100mm width should not exceed 400N/m²
elongation rate 2% under 3000N
Length /coil 50m(according to the requirement of customer)
  • Standard Panzerbelt
  • Super Panzerbelt
  • • Standard Panzerbelt allow the special vehicle used on dock like solid tire tractor pass.
    type(PB) Dimension A (mm) (kg/m)
    PB300 295 ≈6.0
    PB400 395 ≈6.0
    PB600 595 ≈6.0

    material 80% SBR-Styrene Butadiene Rubber
    15% steel core
    5% nylon
    reinforcement warp knitting: RFL dipping nylon , tear force 12kN
    20kN/mWeft knitting:copper plated steel core-tear force720kN/m
  • Super Panzerbelt则除了Standard Panzerbelt的功能以外还能够允许叉车等重型车辆的车轮在盖板上转弯。
    type(SPB) Dimension A (mm) (kg/m)
    SPB300 295 ≈6.5
    SPB400 395 ≈8.0

    material 75% SBR-Styrene Butadiene Rubber
    15% steel core
    10% nylon
    reinforcement warp knitting: RFL dipping nylon , tear force 12kN 2层特殊合成纤维 聚酯线 撕裂力20kN
    720kN/mWeft knitting:copper plated steel core-tear force20kN/m