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Environmental protection&noise reduction fail way fastening system.

High speed, shock absorption, environmental protection, noise reduction railway fastening system solves serious problem come from railway, parts and foundation due to the high self-load of heavy load& high speed equipment, high speed of running and high frequency vibration result from running of the equipment. Side direction force generated by equipment running with high speed can be solved by the self-provided system. At present, one of the existing railway fastening products adopts the way of side direction rigid fastening method currently which could only eliminate vertical displacement comes from wheel pressure and self-weight of the equipment. However, the transverse displacement cannot be released. Rail gnawing due to side direction impact and vibration through long time running and side direction displacement will damage railway, rail parts and railway foundation, shortening the service life of the whole rail way. Another type railway provides good vibration absorption and noise reduction ability. However it cannot provide efficient vertical supporting force. Through railway welding type fasteners and assembling system of vibration absorption type fasteners, theproblem which exists in nowadays can be solved. Specifically speaking, provide good elastic displacement deformation space and recovery torque to realize the vibration absorption and noise reduction by vibration absorption type fasteners. Provide enough restrained side direction force to ensure the displacement and displacement recovery occurred within the range of railhead variation by welding type fasteners so that the rail gauge will not change and the side direction force will be better controlled and released when high speed railway is under operating. It solves the problem of rail gnawing resulted from high frequency vibration and side direction displacement when the equipment running with high speed. It guarantees good running condition for heavy load rail equipment.

High bearing capacity and flexible Ganty rail fasten system is Illinoi’s patent product, it specifics to high speed and heavy load feature of wharf and container yard. The system consist of upper press plate and rail corner shim plate, to fix rail flexibly in lateral direction and upright direction in order to reduce longitudinal binding force, release the giant impact force from side direction which result from gnawing rail during high speed running. At the same time, taking thermal expansion and contraction into consideration which affected by thermal difference, ensure steel rail could restore when the movement occurred. To keep the rail distance stable after long service time. Assemble rubber backing plate and rail base plate to form tridimensional flexible vibration-reduction system. Meanwhile, release the stress concentration between steel rail and base plate in system. The equipment is able to smooth running utmost. Provide reliable guarantee to high speed and heavy load rail equipment, to keep the equipment running better and more stable.