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Adjustable and anti-settling Gantom rail fasten system

Taking rail foundation and running feature of domestic wharf and container yard into consideration, specific to new process and method of design and research during previous period of rail assembling and settlement in later period, Illinois design the plan. The system consist of upper press plate and press plate bolts and base to provide side strain force for rail. Through teeth on base and locking backing plate, pass lateral force from anchor bolts to foundation. Vulcanized rubber nose on upper pressing plate combines with shim plate underneath the rail and pre imbedded plate to provide good vertical bearing force and vibration reduction performance. This system not only provide safe and reliable guarantee to each project, but also easy to manufacture, convenient to assemble and save time and labor during later period of maintenance.

Main property of the system

System resistance to lateral force:>170kN
Adjustable distance on lateral direction:20mm
Maximum adjustable height:100mm
tighten torque of press plate bolt:
New project:275N•m
settlement adjustment:275-400N•m

Advantages of this design

Easy to assemble: both base plate and press plate are integral casting, saving the process of site and factory welding work.
Adjustment system: on side direction, it can be adjusted by long holes; on upright direction, through adjusting backing plate and adjust tools to adjust part of steel rail’s deviation.
Pre imbedded system: Adopting pre imbedded socket form, it solves length constrain issue during after period of upright direction adjustment.
  • Base plate
  • Upper pressing plate
  • material casting
    weight(kg) 8~12kg
    σb(MPa) ≥590
    σ0.2(MPa) ≥340
    HB 200~280

    Base plate is made of integral casting. It has a good effect on reducing vibration and stress. Two bosses on base plate is used to fix upper press plate. Inclined plane on boss is mating with the slope on the upper press plate to pass the side force from upper press plate to baseplate. Two long holes on both sides are socket bolt holes which is easy to adjust transverse position of base plate. Screw teeth surface around the holes is mating with locking backing plate to pass lateral force from base plate to socket bolts.

  • Upper press plate is made of integral forging. Through bolt, the press plate is fixed on base plate. The front rubber nose lay on corner backing plate to fasten steel rail vertically. Front flat surface push on corner backing plate to hold the steel rail on lateral direction. Inclined plane on rear end is mating with slope of base plate to pass side force to base plate. Joint surface between upper plate and boss on base plate surface is a self-locking surface. It will be locked when upper press assembled well. It is convenient to pass the self stress to baseplate. Long holes on upper pressing plate facilitate adjusting transverse position of steel rail during assembling.

    material casting
    weight (KG) 1~1.5kg
    σb(MPa) ≥590
    σ0.2(MPa) ≥340
    HB 200~280