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Illino”Kelifeng”antic-corrosion system application background

For the reason of nature, wharf or port rail system is easy to be corrosive by sea water and rain. Currently, sea water corrosion (chloridion of sea water) is the vital reason of breaking port structure and concrete facility. The improper anti-corrosion prevention will cause large loss, maintaining and repairing costs. So, developing anti-corrosion skills(crucial part of steel and iron facility), especially one economic, environment friendly, efficient anti-corrosion skills is meaningful for lowing economic losses and extending coastal device warranty. On the base of above reason, Illino Group develops new type anti-corrosion product-“Kelifeng” railway pressing plate. Under not increasing cost premise, it improve anti-corrosion grade and extend service warranty.

”Kelifeng” technical definition

Anti-corrosion performance comparison

Through special “Kelifeng”process, namely high sintering process, forms one layer of “kelifeng” anti-corrosion film to insulate metal parts from humid corrosive environment. At the time, “kelifeng”anti-corrosive film do not conflict with metal anticorrosive process (zinc immersion), thus extending the metal anti-corrosion warranty and service warranty.

Anti-corrosion pressing plate Anti-corrosion warranty Including anti-corrosion cost
common non anti-corrosion pressing plate 1~2year No anti-corrosion cost
Electroplating pressing plate 3~5year anti-corrosion cost is lower
Hot-dip galvanizing pressing plate 7~8year anti-corrosion cost is high
Stainless steel pressing plate 15year anti-corrosion cost is higher
Kelifeng pressing plate 15year anti-corrosion cost is lower

“Kelifeng”anti-corrosion characteristic

“Kelifeng”anti-corrosion system application condition

Manufacturing costs are lower, anti-corrosion performance is higher
Prolong the anti-corrosion warranty, large applied range
Technology is easy and convenient for operation
“Kelifeng”anti-corrosion pressing plate could be selected according to customer’s requirement
Customer could choose general grade, middle grade, heavy grade, special grade of“Kelifeng” anti-corrosion pressing plate according to their meets.

‘Kelifeng”anti-corrosion system is widely used in port, wharf, power plant, shipyard and thus humid environment, especially having commendable protective effect for metal parts which under corrosive environment like the sea.

”Kelifeng”anti-corrosion rail pressing