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Shipbuilding:ILLO has conduct brand new design or repairing work with rich experience for overhead crane rail system for customers. The products and plan we provide to our customers is capable of handling heat expansion of steel rail to prevent brittle of steel rail. it can provide sufficient adjustable space for rail distance. When the bearing rail beam deformed, it is easy to adjust rail distance. Mating of flexible press plate and flexible rail rubber backing plate could reduce vibration efficiently. Prolong the service cycle and protect bearing rail beam at the same time.The most typical character of shipbuilding gantry crane is center-lifting and flexible legs structure resulting in deformation of main cross beam and supporting leg, consequently, the lateral direction force become much bigger increasingly. High requirements for press plate had been raised. If the selection is not appropriate, the crane will be unstable and lost constrain.Due to the tendency of large-scale growingly (300T-400T-900T-1200T) , It is inevitable that the weight of whole equipment is increased significantly. when the number of wheel increased a lot, the wheel pressure of single wheel is unavoidable increased. There for here is a new question: selection of rail type.As a result of big lateral direction force and vertical wheel pressure, the selection of rail parts is the priority among priorities. inappropriate selection of rail system could bring significant consequence. At least, little trouble coming successively, bring more burden to maintenance ; at worst, rail system can not meet the requirements of safety running.Hence, gantry crane rail press plate should be selected those with high resistance to lateral direction force. During the process of design, take the effect of twist and roll over torque passed from lifting work into consideration.