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Dedicated rail rubber sub-plate

Illino high temperature vulcanized laminated rubber sub-plate is made of natural rubber through high temperature vulcanizing. Enforced steel plate inserted in it. Keep enough elasticity and vibration reduction property. Meanwhile, It owns good rigidity, good resistance to stress and shearing and anti-aging properties. Indentation slot on rubber backing plate which could ensure bottom of steel rail contacting rubber plate closely has reduced vibration and noise from steel rail. It remedies the leveling of rail bottom and steel backing plate. Protect foundation by equally distributing positive stress on concrete foundation. Illinois’ rubber plate should be used together with Illinois’ press plate as a set. Specific to the type of rail and foundation, different rubbers needed to be chosen. Detailed information about rubber backing plate stated as below.

Classification and statement for dedicated rail rubber sub- plate.


Designation Base form Shape Code remarks
rubber sub- plate continuous type
transverse coronal type JLH high in middle, both sides low, vein on indentation slot is transverse.
longitudinal coronal type JLH high in middle, both sides low, vein on indentation slot is longitudinal.
leveling type JLH with same thickness, defaut vein direction on indentation slot is longitudinal.
Non-continuous type
M-type JLH both side bend downward, fasten on steel backing plate.
W-type JLH both sides bend upward, fasten on the bottom of steel rail.
P-type JLH mating with GANTY, GANGTOM
S-type JLH enforced rubber backing plate compare with above ones.
Material Butadiene styrene rubber
operating temperature -25℃~+75℃
Shore hardness(A) ≥65°
tensile strength ≥12.5MPa
shrinkage ratio after ≥250%
  • Non-continuous rubber sub-plate
  • Continuous rubber sub-plate
  • Illino non-continuous rubber sub-plate is special for concrete foundation non continuous flexible rail fasten system. Non continuous rubber backing plate to meet the requirements of different applying condition, Illinois designs M-type, W-type and P-type. On the other hand, in order to satisfy different working condition, through improvement of technical process, Illinois put forward S-type rubber backing plate. S-type rubber backing plate improved a lot compare with traditional normal rubber plate at tensile strength and compression strength which could meet the conditions of high speed and heavy load.

  • Illino continuous rubber sub-plate is design for various lifting equipment’ flexible rail fasten system. Rubber backing plate is mating with Illinois press plate together. It is able to be paved on steel beam continuously; or paved on steel backing plate which lay on concrete foundation. Continuous type rubber backing plate can be classified as flat form and coronal form. The rubber backing plate which lay on the bottom of steel rail could eliminate 50% vibration come from rails as well as 10% travelling noise.