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Illino Five Star brand grout is dedicated grout for crane railway. The grout is the link between steel subplate and concrete base, when constructing the railway, after placing grout, it is not allowed to do any modification. If there is any quality problem, or incorrect placing method, the grout layer will be damaged.

The requirement of crane railway grout

Illinois FIVE STAR brand railway grout technicalparameter

High seismic resistance, high compressive property
Moulding height changes ASTM C827 0.0-4%
Good fluidity, no shrink, convenient for site operation
Solidification height changes ASTM C1080 0.0-3%
Good Anti-grease function (eg: lubricating oil, diesel, ant freezing solution)
Effective loading area (EBA) 95%Bonding strength 13Mpa/28day
Without any chemical expansion addictive which contain iron and aluminum
Compressive strength (ASTM C109) 1day 34Mp 3day 46Mp 28day70Mpa
Can be refitted three hours later when the grouting work finished. It will keep the original volume after solidification.
Above is in room temperature of test room. There is little different placing grout outside.
Minimum grouting thickness between steel backing plate and concrete foundation is as small as 15mm.


  • 1.The proportion of water and grout

    Pressure pump proportion is adopted during processing grouting. 25kilogram grouting material requires 4-4.4 liters water (clean water); Bucket volume proportion is adopted during processing grouting, 25kilogram grouting material requires 4.4-4.6 liters water (clean water);

  • 2.Mixing equipment

    Mixing equipment can be applied but not the normal one. Self-made mixing equipment which is fabricated by low speed drilling machine (450r/min.) can be adopted according to “instruction for tracking construction”

  • 3.Mixing time

    Fill the bucket with water; then fill the grouting material slowly; stir 4 minutes continuously until it presents dense condition with good liquidity. No agglomerates include.

  • 4.Safe operation

    It presents strong alkali when grouting material mixed with water. Operators must wear Working clothes with good ventilation condition at working site. Flushing the eyes with clean water immediately when grouting material enter into the eyes. See the doctor as soon as possible.

  • 5.Solidification volume

    Grouting solidification volume is about 0.0142m³ for 25kg /bag grouting material.

  • 6.Package

    Packed by 4-layer Kraft paper; 25kg per bag.(conform to ASTMc1107A)

  • 7.Storage warranty

    It can be stored 6 months under dry condition indoor without opening the package.